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Biobehavioral Core Laboratory

Director: Taylor, Teletia, Ph.D.


The Biobehavioral Core Laboratory houses the facilities for clinical exercise physiology and psycho-physiological research. The Clinical Exercise Physiology Research facility is equipped with a Cosmed Quark b2 metabolic cart and Cosmed electrocardiogram (ECG) equipment that is programmed into a Burdick Treadmill. This is used for performing graded exercise tests to assess risk for cardiovascular disease and functional work capacity training. An Ergoline 500 medical ergometer is used for exercise testing when a cycle ergometer is needed. In addition, the laboratory has 3 other treadmills that are used exercise intervention training programs. The Psychophysiology component consists of 3 computers (Dell Desktop Pentium 4, Gateway Pentium 4, and Toshiba Portege Tablet PC Pentium III). One desktop is used for data acquisition, one for data analysis and the third for internet usage. There is a surveillance camera (Security Labs) that is used to monitor participants as they take part in study tasks. To collect impedance cardiograph data, the HIC-2002 Impedance Cardiograph is used along with the COP –Win 5.10 USB version cardiac output program for windows. This equipment is designed to measure a variety of cardiovascular measures (heart rate, stroke volume, cardiac output, pre-ejection period, left ventricular ejection time, total ejection period, and heather index). The Dinamap Vital Signs Monitor (Model 1846 SX) is used to assess systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Lastly, a number of psychological tasks are also included in the lab such as the Automatic Mirror Tracer (Model 5403), the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (3 rd Edition Form IIIA and Form IIIB) and the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task for Windows.





  • Burdick treadmill ( Treadmill )

  • COSMED Quark b2 metabolic cart ( Multiparameter monitor )

    "Compact Metabolic cart for Accurate Pulmonary Gas Exchange & 12-lead Stress Testing ECG!
    Breath by Breath Gas Exchange data analysis (VO2, VCO2)
    Integrated 12-lead ECG for Stress Testing (option)
    Nutritional Assessment
    Fast response Paramagnetic O2 Sensor
    Full Spirometry, Exercise SpO2 monitor
    Mixing Chamber suitable for low and high ventilation ranges"

  • COSMED Quark C12x ECG ( ECG monitor )

    "Diagnostic Quality 12-lead Stress Testing ECG in cable configuration!
    Resting and Exercise ECG interpretation
    Full Disclosure ECG analysis
    ST segment, ST slopes, Trends
    Arrhythmia Analysis
    Standard and User defined Exercise Protocols
    Integration with COSMED Gas exchange equipment
    Patient Database & Network Compatibility"

  • Ergoline ER550 - Ergometer ( Ergometer )


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