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Molecular Genetics Core

Director: Dunston, Georgia, Ph.D.


The molecular genetics research interests are in human population genetics, anthropological genetics, immunogenetics, and the genetics of complex diseases. Ultimate goals surround elucidating questions of human variation, the evolutionary history of genes within populations and how these gene histories are involved in the etiology of complex diseases. While the laboratory's research goals have shared consequences for all humanity, specific interests focus on populations of African ancestry.

Operational Objectives:

1. Develop a SNP database for mapping functional mutations linked to diseases common in African peoples.

2. Utilization of evolutionary history of candidate genes to identify polymorphisms that are associated with diseases.

3. Exploit the linkage disquilibrium generated by admixture in the African American population for gene mapping.





  • ABI 377 DNA sequencer ( DNA sequencer )

    Automated fluorescent based DNA sequencing. Core has 3 of these instruments.

  • Qiagen Pyrosequencer PSQ 96MA ( DNA sequencer )

    "PSQ 96MA is used for sequencing and genetic analysis for microbiological species identification, resistance typing, DNA methylation analysis, plant genome analysis and studying pharmacogenetic markers."


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